1. You place an order
  2. Choose your delivery date and time slot*
  3. Choose your pick-up time slot* (the date will be 4 days after the delivery date**)
  4. If you want a specific time*** (delivery and pick-up), put it in the note section. We’ll try our best to meet it.
  5. To return at an earlier date, put it in the note section as well.
  6. Authorize payment (Make sure you check and accept the rental agreement!)

*Some time slots are not available for certain days. We are still working on it. Sorry for the inconvenience.

**eg. Delivery date: 09/02; Pick-up date: 09/06

***Same day delivery will include a $3 fee

5 days, 4 nights.

The first day is the day your game is delivered to you.

The last day is the day your game is picked up by us.

We’re just getting started! If you have any games you’d like to play, come give us your suggestions here. We’ll compile them and eventually, add them to our inventory. We’ll also contact you when we have them available.

It depends on the piece’s importance and how it disrupts the game!

To elaborate: If you lose a single monopoly money, most likely, nothing will happen. However, if you lose a token, a card, or the dice, then you may be charged for replacing those pieces.

Please check the Rental Agreement for more details.

Yes of course! Just contact us using the form, or email us at support@thewanderingpawn.com before your scheduled pick up!

Your rental fee will be used for the purchase of the game*. As we pick up the rented game, we’ll give you the brand new copy of the game.

* eg. $35 game with a $5 rental fee. You’ll only need to pay $30 if you decide to purchase before returning the game.

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